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Portel, a town of 7,100 inhabitants, lies in central Alentejo, 39 km from Evora, a town included in UNESCO's world heritage list in 1986. Thanks to its strategic position, Portel is one of the hubs of the hinterland's tourism development.

Of Roman origin, the town grew, during the Middle Ages, around the imposing castle, a beautiful example of 13th century military architecture.The elegant bourgeois houses exist harmoniously side-by-side with more modest homes with their dazzling white facades. The Fortaleza de Vera Cruz (13th and 16th century) features among some of the most beautiful religious heritage sites of this town.

The town's economy is essentially based on its traditional produce, cooked meats, cheese, honey and olive oil.

Portel's 34,000 hectare oak forest is one of the largest in the Iberian peninsula. For a number of years, the value of this natural resource has been promoted by means of the Oak Fair. The aim of this event is to help professionals and the general public discover all of the activities and the produce which are a direct, or indirect, result of oak trees, whether it is on an economic, environmental, cultural or scientific level.

The "Fresco Route" permits both local and foreign tourists to enjoy a visit which combines culture, nature and gastronomy.