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A European project

The VillageTerraneo network is a platform for the exchange of experiences based on the qualifying operations run by the participating villages.

Eleven axes for development emerge from the actions which are presented.


1 Discovery of early human settlements and knowledge of forgotten historical sites
2 Preservation, protection and presentation of the artistic, architectural and urban heritage
3 Development of industrial or economic tourism based on historical activities or production sites
4 Rehabilitation of the built heritage to create permanent accommodation and services for the population
5 Redesign and conversion of historic sites to encourage cultural development
6 Civic education and professional training about heritage and the environment
7 Protection of the environment, sustainable management of natural areas and improvement of landscapes
8 Promotion of locally produced goods in order to ensure the diversification of economic resources
9 Partnership between municipalities and private bodies for economic and tourism development
10 Improvement of the quality of life, the security and the reception conditions for visitors
11 Encouragement of local development by means of the creation of networks between towns and the pooling of their tourism offer.